Saturday, 27 June 2015

5 Things to Look for on Your Teen’s Instagram

Instagram, a photo-based social platform has nailed it in a very short while. The statistic of the instagrammer is raising day by day. It’s around 300 Mn users who further post more than 70-80 millions images or videos on a daily basis. It is indeed, a unique way to get in nexus with the people of pan-world. To use it, is an excellent idea, if you are a business-man who is seeking to promote its brand. But it is so fun and influential to use that you cannot keep your kids far away from it.

The over-usage of Instagram may turn-down to be vulnerable and creates many possibilities for the teens to get hurt both physically and emotionally. Don’t feel helpless, you can still monitor them in a smarter ways, only if you read this article to brim your knowledge on it.

Monitor Your Child’s Instagram Habits

Mark these red flag, take appropriate actions and come over it. So here it goes:
  1. Addiction Alert:  

    This new found age social media lets your child glued on to it 24/7. They keep an eye on their posted stuffs (picture/selfie/videos), how much likes or comments it has accumulated, etc.. The tweens and teens who have grabbed much attentions on their post will feel overwhelmed while the other who has failed to do the same, will be disheartened and fall into depression. Be watchful of your kid’s expression and gestures when they are with their phones, mentor them accordingly. Teach them to take everything on a positive and healthy sense.

  1. Turn-On The Privacy: 
    Do not let your kid’s personal picture or video go public. When the privacy setting is inactivated, whatever your young ones post, goes on a public news feed. When the personal pictures/videos go on public view, It becomes vulnerable. It slips into the wrong hands and hence, it start getting mishandled. Therefore, It’s your duty to get updated with his/her profile’s privacy settings. Not only the privacy settings but also his/her friendlist is the thing which needs to be duly checked. Scan what kind of friends s/he have, what kind of comments they do on your child’s post, their language tone, etc..

  1. Hashtags Threats:  
    Tagging the status with hashtags is in trend. The hashtag (#) basically makes your search easy. Suppose if your kid post any picture with hashtag, it gets into the search list of those users hashtags who share similar interests , which means people who are probably a stalker, cyber-bully, pheodophile, online hunter, etc. who share the same kind of enthusiasm and activities, can be able to see the material published by your child. Therefore, you as a parents need to be extra-cautious when your babies post anything, on the trendy social networking site, with hashtags.

  1. Insta Spy:

    You can use monitoring software to keep tabs on your kids Instagram actions and activities. Choose a genuine cell phone monitoring software that is available online and get it installed on to his/her cell phone. This will enable you to have a virtual access over your growing kid’s mobile phone. All the activities that takes place on his/her photo-based social platform (also any thing made through the target cell phone) can be amazingly seen by you without him/her knowing about it. You can check what kind of posts have been done, the commentators tone, the friend circle, and other actions made on the profile. This is extremely crucial and easy to do.    

  1. Locate It Nowhere:  

    In order to avoid stalking, The tab which says “Location” should always be kept shut. Make sure your child has turned off the service of Location on his/her cell phone. This is imperative because, the Geo location feature of the trendy social media highlights your current where about with the real time of the post, if only the location service is set on. This can allow the cyber stalker to follow your kids wherever they go. Thus, snap the hunter’s ability to see and chase your little kids.      

To walk with the fashion is good but to do it in excess is extremely bad. Let them use whatever they feel like, you as a mother or father needs to be extra vigilant and prudent, so that they do not tread into the wrongful path out of innocence. Allow them to do whatever they feel like but being within their limits. Of course, they will not let you know what they do online, so you have to figure out the truth staying in disguised.

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