Monday, 29 June 2015

How can I Spy on My Spouse Cell Phone Actions or Locations?

Cell phone, being the primary way, for enabling smooth and seamless communication, has become the only mean through which you can dig anyone’s personal information. A viable number of men, on a daily basis, search on internet for a tool to track their wives mobile phone information. This technologically driven world have served those distracted and distressed men with a malignant techy tool called a mobile monitoring app.

Yes! Mobile tracking software enables you to spy on your cheatingwife’s phone, if you really feels so. Behind your back, she (your wife) plays a foul game so there is nothing wrong in keeping an eye on her that too without her knowing. Since people feel secure to use a cell phone for making any kind of conversation-be it texting, calling, chatting, sharing multimedia etc., hence it is the best way to catch hold someone red-handedly that too with evidence.  So what if your wife’s cell phone is password protected, despite that you can see all her text messages, phone calls, chat records of the messengers, etc. with the aid of the spy software.

How Can I Monitor Her?

Before starting the procedure of monitoring her, first you have to make sure that what actually you need to spy! This means, nowadays spy apps come with numerous features. So, how do you think you can get her maximum information from? Supposedly if you get a sneak peek at her messages-Text, iMessages, chat conversations or may be emails, you would be able to know for whom your wife is falling into. 

Accordingly notice keenly, the source of her communication- is it through texts, chat messengers, constant calls, by meeting in a particular spot daily, etc.. After doing the latter research works, you need to buy the cheating spouse monitoring software online. After purchasing it you required to download and install the software secretly on the target (wife’s) phone. Upon the successful installation of the spy app you will receive a Username and Password for your personal repository account from where you can see all the information of your spouse cell phone.

This Is How It Works!

After merely 10-15 minutes of the successful installation of a mobile tracker app, the data of the targeted phone starts following to your personal account through server. These information will be only accessible to you and no other person can see those data.

You will be able to know the following with the assistance of a spouse monitoring software:
     All her text messages and iMessages;
     All the details of her callings- incoming, outgoing, call summary, all with exact time and date;
     Her contact details- phonebook record- with person’s name and other details like his birthday, email id, address, etc.;
     With whom she chats day and night- check her chat messenger conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Snapchat and Viber;
     The multimedia’s-picture, objectionary selfies, images, videos and audio files that have being shared and stored on the targeted phone;
     Her footmarks through GPS Location tracker- by knowing where she goes especially in odd hours or may be at the restricted spot.
     All her recently browsed URLs;
     To record her calls and listen to it for future reference;
     With whom is she roaming around by activating the surround listening facility of the software;
     The deleted data of her cell phone.


Before purchasing a particular spy app make sure that it should support the particular version of your target device. Some handsets does not supports such monitoring apps, hence before buying it make sure that you are investing for the right device. These monitoring tools are chiefly developed for Smartphone’s. Thus, it is available for almost all the Smartphone’s that can be smoothly and efficiently work on Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc.. Get it a double checked before you buy, directly from the mobile tracking manufacturer websites.

Are you still thinking of its reliability? Stop scratching your brain and finish the game of merely guessing and suspecting her. Get the proofs against her and know the true weight of your relationship.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

5 Things to Look for on Your Teen’s Instagram

Instagram, a photo-based social platform has nailed it in a very short while. The statistic of the instagrammer is raising day by day. It’s around 300 Mn users who further post more than 70-80 millions images or videos on a daily basis. It is indeed, a unique way to get in nexus with the people of pan-world. To use it, is an excellent idea, if you are a business-man who is seeking to promote its brand. But it is so fun and influential to use that you cannot keep your kids far away from it.

The over-usage of Instagram may turn-down to be vulnerable and creates many possibilities for the teens to get hurt both physically and emotionally. Don’t feel helpless, you can still monitor them in a smarter ways, only if you read this article to brim your knowledge on it.

Monitor Your Child’s Instagram Habits

Mark these red flag, take appropriate actions and come over it. So here it goes:
  1. Addiction Alert:  

    This new found age social media lets your child glued on to it 24/7. They keep an eye on their posted stuffs (picture/selfie/videos), how much likes or comments it has accumulated, etc.. The tweens and teens who have grabbed much attentions on their post will feel overwhelmed while the other who has failed to do the same, will be disheartened and fall into depression. Be watchful of your kid’s expression and gestures when they are with their phones, mentor them accordingly. Teach them to take everything on a positive and healthy sense.

  1. Turn-On The Privacy: 
    Do not let your kid’s personal picture or video go public. When the privacy setting is inactivated, whatever your young ones post, goes on a public news feed. When the personal pictures/videos go on public view, It becomes vulnerable. It slips into the wrong hands and hence, it start getting mishandled. Therefore, It’s your duty to get updated with his/her profile’s privacy settings. Not only the privacy settings but also his/her friendlist is the thing which needs to be duly checked. Scan what kind of friends s/he have, what kind of comments they do on your child’s post, their language tone, etc..

  1. Hashtags Threats:  
    Tagging the status with hashtags is in trend. The hashtag (#) basically makes your search easy. Suppose if your kid post any picture with hashtag, it gets into the search list of those users hashtags who share similar interests , which means people who are probably a stalker, cyber-bully, pheodophile, online hunter, etc. who share the same kind of enthusiasm and activities, can be able to see the material published by your child. Therefore, you as a parents need to be extra-cautious when your babies post anything, on the trendy social networking site, with hashtags.

  1. Insta Spy:

    You can use monitoring software to keep tabs on your kids Instagram actions and activities. Choose a genuine cell phone monitoring software that is available online and get it installed on to his/her cell phone. This will enable you to have a virtual access over your growing kid’s mobile phone. All the activities that takes place on his/her photo-based social platform (also any thing made through the target cell phone) can be amazingly seen by you without him/her knowing about it. You can check what kind of posts have been done, the commentators tone, the friend circle, and other actions made on the profile. This is extremely crucial and easy to do.    

  1. Locate It Nowhere:  

    In order to avoid stalking, The tab which says “Location” should always be kept shut. Make sure your child has turned off the service of Location on his/her cell phone. This is imperative because, the Geo location feature of the trendy social media highlights your current where about with the real time of the post, if only the location service is set on. This can allow the cyber stalker to follow your kids wherever they go. Thus, snap the hunter’s ability to see and chase your little kids.      

To walk with the fashion is good but to do it in excess is extremely bad. Let them use whatever they feel like, you as a mother or father needs to be extra vigilant and prudent, so that they do not tread into the wrongful path out of innocence. Allow them to do whatever they feel like but being within their limits. Of course, they will not let you know what they do online, so you have to figure out the truth staying in disguised.

Monday, 1 June 2015

8 ways to Find Out The Reasons your boyfriend is cheating on you


There is no way in life where you can get immune to disloyalty and adultery. One can be chased by infidelity at any point of time.You thought your life is in complete bliss and high spirits until you faced the harsh reality of betrayal and dishonesty from your life partner.

Why and what could be the reasons of men cheating on their wives and girlfriends? Let’s consider some of the below points to better understand the cheating men apprehensions.  

# Reasons Why Men Cheat?

1. Good Falsifier!

Men who’re good at telling lies and story making are likely to lie about everything in life sometimes intentionally or unintentionally. Liars are often callous and don’t feel ashamed of cheating their own wives, girlfriends and fiancee. So, if you’ve a partner who is good in lying and cooking up stories then you should better watch his steps.

2. Self Consciousness and Insecurity!

The lack of confidence in physical appearance or being unappreciated, neglected and ignored by his wife gives him a feeling of insecurity.  Also, when they feel they’re treated as a person who is just a financial provider in a family is one of the major reasons of leaving their wives and going for other women because they don’t get the caress and attention they need the most.  

3. He Wants To Rejuvenate His Youth!

Sometimes, men feel like going back to their good old days of college life, spinning many girlfriends at one time and clubbing all night with their friends - is what they all have in their minds which might rejuvenate their youth! They feel marriage has just restricted their freedom and they need to do something exciting to feel good for themselves.  

4.  Problem Leads To Switching!
The ongoing problems between you leads to loose your husband’s interest in you. Let not the word ego come between you and your man, lest it will make him incline towards another mistress. So, dear wives! you need to be confident and smart enough to let your husbands realize that they’ve got the world’s best partner. Don’t let the small issues ruin your beautiful relationship.

5. Absurd Expectation!
Suddenly, he has unreasonable expectations from you. He presuppose that his partner should meet his every carnal and emotional longing 24*7, without any failing attempt and excuse. In his self centered and conceited way, he forgets about all other responsibilities that his spouse is handling apart from his never ending lewd desires like looking after household chores and kids etc. They feel complete right to fulfil their sensual fantasies with someone else because his wife has somehow failed to come up with his expectations.

6. Alcoholic Abused!

His logical sense and power to make the decisions is all lost because of his continuous intake of alcohol and drugs. To abstain himself from all the real time worries he might choose the lustful activity with an outsider to soothe himself and detach from all the worriments. Indulging into drugs, doping and alcohol leads to womanizing.  

7. He Can Easily Get Away With It!
Monogamy is what he doesn’t believe in. He also believes that you can never come to know about his wrongdoings. He’s just fearless to take every possible opportunity to cheat on you by sleeping around with somebody else. Do not give any sign of undoubtedly trusting him. Let him not be advantageous of your blind faith upon him and put up with his cheating anymore.

8. Rotten Roots!
If you find that the father figure or male role models in the family have a tendency to dominate and cheat over the ladies of his own family then there is a sureshot possibility of transferring genes in their young generations. Especially, if the females in the family was being dumped by their men then the same process will be repeated by their next generation. And to let it halt for other genx it’s important to raise your voice against it.

# A Quick-Fix To The Infidelity Problems!

The romantic cobweb of your man can be unveiled with a cell phone spying software. By planting this app onto his cell phone you’ll be able to view all his activities. To use this application all you have to do is quickly purchase, download and secretly install it in the mobile of your husband/boyfriend. Once the software is equipped in the device there you get a way to scrutinize all his actions remotely by just logging into the password protected website.
This app has numerous features with which you can get to know the following things:
  • His whereabouts through a GPS location tracker.
  • Read his sent and received Text Messages and Emails.
  • Record and listen or get the text logs of his Phone Calls.
  • Instant messenger chats can also be viewed - WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook etc.
  • View the multimedia shared and stored on his phone like the pictures, video and audio files.
  • Access the URL links, Phonebook Contacts and all the other information attached to it.    

Many more things can also be viewed which gets stored in an online repository account. The deleted messages and mails can be read as well as they already get recorded on the control panel before a user deletes it from his mobile phone.

So, ladies don’t fill your head with worries anymore because with this spy app you can easily get to know all the signs of your deceitful guy!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

How Can I Spy On My Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Chats?

Believe it or not, the advent of social media have ruined the essence of relationship i.e. along with love- trust, respect, honest communication, etc. Do you hold the same thought? Is your mind nagging with doubts that may your spouse is cheating on you? and yes you cannot refuse with the fact that your man has started lying to you.

You always find him hooking up with his cell phone. In other words, He gives more importance to his phone rather than conversation a word with you. And today you believe that something dubious can be found if it can be possible for you touch his phone. Let’s check his WhatsApp chats may be we can get something from it! But how?

Scroll Down And Learn More On How To Read Your Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Chats?     

Abruptly , you have noticed that your guy’s phone has become a password protected device which means you cannot access it. And with this one thing is cleared that he deliberately wants to hide something from you. Asking his phone for playing games or making a quick call to someone and meanwhile checking his messages, conversations is a flop show! You need something different, and something that is safe and secured.

There is a tool which with which you can trace all his WhatsApp messenger chats and that too without him knowing. It is WhatsApp spy app. It is an intelligent and smart way to peep into your boyfriend’s phone and know the reality of your love partner.  

How Does It Works?
With the Chat messenger monitoring software, you can see/read all his chat conversations. Not only this but also the media such as images, selfies, videos and audio files that has been shared and stored in his phone can be traced. For this, you need to first buy the spy software online then secretly download and installed the app on the target (boyfriend’s) phone.
Upon the successful downloading and installation you will receive a username and password for your web based personal online account, from where you can see all the text messages of chat conversations and other things without anybody’s concern and disturbance.

This app also have the ability to stalk your boyfriend through the following things:
  • You can check his text messages (sent/received), iMessages, etc;
  • You can check his incoming and outgoing calls;
  • You can check his Multimedia folder-images, videos and audio files;
  • You can check his Phonebook;
  • You can check his Browsing history viz recently visited URLs;
  • You can check his Emails-read, unread and the deleted ones;
  • You can check his whereabouts through GPS Location tracker;
  • You can check with whom he was conversing on phone by recording and listening to his phone calls.

So, pretty girls! Kick him out of your life if he is actually playing with your heart and emotions. Do not hesitate monitoring spy app  is the safest and strongest tool you could ever have to know the reality of your love life. Don’t strain your brain and stop reacting without have evidence.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A Finest Way to Spy Whatsapp

Spymaster Pro is the leader in WhatsApp Spying solutions, and offers a wide range of other monitoring tools as well. With this software one can easily track the activities of WhatsApp. For more information visit

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to Spy Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone !

Samsung has launched one of the best phone ever, i.e Samsung Galaxy, and with the variety in different models, not purchasing this smartphone would be a mistake. And that is what people are doing, because these phone are a treat to use !! Samsung galaxy phones offer the most astonishing features, some of which are an integrated Social hub (Email,SMS, IM, SNS - Social Networking service), and dual core application Processor for fast functioning of the phone.

Tracking of Samsung Galaxy smartphones is now possible since we have efficient mobile tracking software's to monitor each and every activity of this phone, irrespective of the versions and models Samsung has come up with. The mobile monitoring software comes up with various features that lets the user to extensively gather all the activity evidences of the target Samsung Galaxy phone.

Following are the major services that these software's supply :-

  • SMS Tracking : Both sent and received
  • Call Logs Tracking : Both made and received
  • URL Tracking : All the websites visited, bookmarked and deleted
  • GPS Tracking : The GPS location of the target Samsung galaxy phone
  • Contacts Tracking : All the details of the contacts list stored in the Samsung galaxy phone
  • Call Listening : Listen to the recorded calls
  • IM’s Tracking : Read all the detailed IM conversations such as Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp

The Samsung Galaxy mobile spyware really helps in tracking most of the activities of the said phone, despite this the spyware adjusts to most of the smartphones other than Samsung Galaxy. The cell phone tracking software is really easy to use and provides the user with unbeatable features, of which all of the details can be found after logging in the user account area.