Friday, 1 February 2013

whatsapp spy : A Software to Spy on Applications that By-pass the Simcard of Network Provider.

Usually in the last decade from the day arrival of the cell phones, messages were the things that ruled on cell phones. The scenario was like that service provider companies started offering message packs. All text messages were sent through the simcard of the network provider. This was followed by exchange of the images through the cell phones. Then cells got more advanced & got supported by the internet connection that facilitated the access of emails & other documents. But it all went through the simcard. 

Then came the smart phones which replaced the need of facilitating the exchanges through the simcard of the network provider. This happened due to the capability of smartphone to support certain applications that hardly need the simcard for the exchanges.

One such application came into was existence was whatsapp spy. It did all the exchanges candidly without leaving a mark in the records of network provider that anything was exchanged. It happened as it reduced the need of simcard for the same purpose as it bypasses all the communication from simcard.

But such innovative device found bad use with ill minds. Such people started making use of it for wrong purpose. It became a reason of worry for the law enforcement people. It simple led to have software like whatapp spy in the market to rescue the people from the wrong usages of the whatsapp application. Now everything that gets exchanged through this application can be laid bare before by the software.

Thus software has turned out to be innovative device in checking the crime that happens over the phone.


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