Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Mobile Gaming

In these days almost all kids and teen play online games on their cell Phone and computer. Although all parents would be happy if their child paly online games for education but child are not play online games for education, they only play for the entertainment . Always remember that playing online games excessive way is not good for the kids. After some time kids can be addicted of online games and parent are seem worry about the problem. Here are some of tips that how to overcome on this Problem .

 How to Overcome on this Problem:

 1. Set a fix time for kids to play online game. Its not more than two or three hour .

 2. Parents has need to talk their kids and ensure that online gaming is not a primary part of his/her life.

 3. Try to push your children also in other outdoor games like football , baseball etc.

 4. Parents need to do spend valuable time with their Kids. Encourage them that he will come with family for outing . 

5. Buy any cell phone spy for kids monitoring software like Spymaster pro and install it into your child cell Phone , without the knowledge of their teens. These cell spy software track all thing those you want, like sms, installed apps, Internet browsing detail , email, contact list and many more.

 6. Try to encourage your kids that he or she also take part in school extra curricular activity.

 So you following these all step defiantly your kids overcome on this problem and also involve in other activity like interact with people, play outdoor games etc

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