Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to Handle your Kids Cell Phone Activity

Kid with Cell Phone
In the modern days everyone want to keep in touch even your child . If your kids in between 13 to 20 age he will defiantly ask for cell phone . And in latest research says  75 to 80 percent kids using cell phone . Most of children are  from  western countries  . when cell phone come in their life they forget everything. And make differences with their parents. So now question is raised that how  to manage child cell phone that they don’t use  there cell phone unnecessary.

There are many ways  that child get in into bad activities through their  cell phone like send and received porn videos, adult sms, adult mms and other many wrong things. This all wrong activity  engage the kids and put into bad company in the small age and that’s a very bad thing. So  many parents are facing this type of problem in today’s modern world.

So Here Are Some Solution Tips that Parents Are Use on Their Kids:

  • Make Some Rules: Set some rule for your kids when they are using there cell phone or using internet on the cell phone. Ask him don’t open unnecessary website. Give cell phone to your teens or kids for a particular time. Give him some instruction while  use cell phone.

  • Talk About Them :  When you set some rule also discuss them with your kids. And ask her that  use  his cell phone accurately don't waste your time. Also talk about the result  if he use wrongly his mobile phone.

  • Supervise Their Cell Phone-  Parents have many another ways to observe them. Parents also use many cell phone tracker software available in the market. You can buy anyone cell spy software and get each and every detail like internet browsing, sms, videos send  and received, call logs and many more  of your kids cell Phone.

So In the last  I would like to say that lots of parents buy cell phones for their c
hildren every day . But they don’t check their child cell phone or not manage the time to  use cell phone and this problem create distances between parent and child . Thus keep an eye on your kids cell phone.

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